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Food Porn: Delicious, sensual, glorious food photography

Yellow pear and red cherry tomatoes

      Bright and colorful, alluring and ubiquitous, food is inescapable.  As a necessary component of human life, food could take the role of just another part of the daily grind. We all need to eat, sleep, breathe, and eliminate.  Fortunately, the need to eat has stretched far beyond its basic goal of nourishment.  […]

Getting wet: Photography in the rain

Mussel under the tide

Rain is predicted here in the northeast for most of the week.  While I’m so anxious for summer weather, rainy days do lend themselves to some great photography.  Some of my favorite images were created in or after the rain.  I love how drops linger on flower petals and leaves, reflections in puddles, and the […]