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Color Crazed: Some thoughts on color theory and use

Magnified detail of colored pencils

  I’m not sure what constitutes a healthy obsession. I’ve never been good with those kinds of boundaries. Maybe it’s my way to battle the gray winter sky. Lately the pull of color is like the tide. I can’t help myself.  It’s a desperate longing that borders on compulsion. As far back as my visual […]

Fall Family Fun Photos…I shoot people.

One loved kid - Chance with his parents, Rich & Lisa

  Fall is a great time for family portraits. Though I’m more likely to be photographing foliage or pumpkins this time of year, shooting people can be fun. The crisp blue sky, vibrant harvested fruit and gourds, and the autumn leaves as a backdrop, I dare you to get yourself to an orchard and NOT […]

Food Porn: Delicious, sensual, glorious food photography

Yellow pear and red cherry tomatoes

      Bright and colorful, alluring and ubiquitous, food is inescapable.  As a necessary component of human life, food could take the role of just another part of the daily grind. We all need to eat, sleep, breathe, and eliminate.  Fortunately, the need to eat has stretched far beyond its basic goal of nourishment.  […]