Image Affordance: Are we seeing the same thing?

When you look at any one of my photographs your perception of the image includes all of your life experiences and that of human history. Yes, everything you’ve seen and learned, every innate survival instinct, and all of the connections you have to anything within the image is instantly brought forth by your brain so […]

Goals for 2016: Photography, writing, and business

Rain drops close up

It’s New Year’s Day 2016. Today we flip the calendar page and begin another year. Here in Maine, the weather has been mild in December. Until this week’s storm, we had no snow. I believe I join many who would be just fine without snow, or cold, and could roll right into spring from here. […]

Color Crazed: Some thoughts on color theory and use

Magnified detail of colored pencils

  I’m not sure what constitutes a healthy obsession. I’ve never been good with those kinds of boundaries. Maybe it’s my way to battle the gray winter sky. Lately the pull of color is like the tide. I can’t help myself.  It’s a desperate longing that borders on compulsion. As far back as my visual […]

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to all who stumble here. A few images of things I am thankful for:                         Wishing you all a wonderful holiday—take time to consider your blessings.                 Tweet

Fall Family Fun Photos…I shoot people.

One loved kid - Chance with his parents, Rich & Lisa

  Fall is a great time for family portraits. Though I’m more likely to be photographing foliage or pumpkins this time of year, shooting people can be fun. The crisp blue sky, vibrant harvested fruit and gourds, and the autumn leaves as a backdrop, I dare you to get yourself to an orchard and NOT […]

NYC Architectural Abstracts: A Photographic Walking Tour of New York City

Design in lobby of Chrysler building

    The New York City skyline is recognizable to millions. The Empire State building, the Chrystler Building, the Brooklyn Bridge; the twin towers that stood and then were gone so noticeably and now a gleaming new spire atop the Freedom Tower. The buildings together as a unit create the famous silhouette perched on the […]

The Best Camera

Celeste Cota Photography

“The best camera is the one that’s with you” is a quote by photographer Chase Jarvis. As my photo equipment stockpile has grown over the past few years, there are times it seems that carrying everything I need to capture an image is just plain exhausting. Weighty DSLR, filters, batteries, zoom lens, hot shoe flash […]

Summer Flowers – Bright new photography

summer flowers

Summer flowers are one of the joys of this season. My list of summer pleasures is a long one. Here, in today’s post, I want to share a few recent photographs of summer flowers.     My friend offered me a ride back to her house. We were planning an evening of barbeque’d food and […]

Etsy Treasury Feature: Colorful Veggie Display

Colorful Vegetable Display

There are so many reasons I love Etsy, the online handmade marketplace. One of the reasons is that others can put together collections of items available on the site and share them as a treasury. Good keywording and visual appeal help to get your items found and selected. One of my listings, a print I […]

Blog Challenge Feature: New England Crafters

Lupine Leaves with Raindrops

Nice surprise for a Monday morning . . . I received a notice from Kris at New England Crafters via Etsy that one of the photos on they Etsy site has been included in their weekly blog challenge. The topic was Earth Day with a focus on green. Here is a link to their blog: […]

Henley Park Hotel: beautiful historic Washington DC

Tourist info available in this alcove off of the main lobby.

  My last post included some of thephotography of architecture in Washington DC. In the city for a travel trade show, I was able to get in a few hours to shoot and eat – two of my favorite things in the world. I also was able to go to the Holocaust Museum, watch someone […]

Washington D.C. Architectural Photography & Gallery Images

DC architectural details

    On a recent trip to Washington D.C. I had some time to walk around and do a little sightseeing. Just short of cherry blossom season, I found that although there were tourists, the crowds were fewer than when I visited with my family last August. Given my single status for the day and […]

Selling Photography Part 6: CONCLUSION

  The Bottom Line – it’s not sustainable unless you make money. Looking back at my last segment of this series, I find it seems so long ago in both time passed and in my outlook on this subject. The photographic seasons of fall foliage, Halloween, all that family togetherness, giving and sharing of Thanksgiving […]

Christmas Stalking: Seasonal images in marketing

Christmas ornaments in snow

    The little trick or treaters had barely been nestled into their beds when I heard it. The first jingle of the holiday sales season. Marketers so focused on one of the three big kid holidays of the year quickly shifted gears and ads went from orange and black to green and red. Pumpkins […]

LIGHTS. . CAMERA . . ! SPOTLIGHT: Food Photography & Dramatic Illumination at Collins Center for the Arts 2012 Gala

Whoopie Pies by Black Bear Catering

  Photographing food is one of my favorite things. Whenever I have an opportunity to turn my lens toward some artfully created dishes I do so. I am also drawn to light and its effects, whether it’s the shadows or the beams, light is a big part of photography. Combining the two, food and light, […]

PEDDLING MY WARES – Selling Photography at Craft Fairs and Art Shows – Part 5 ¾

Chickadee on branch in backyard

    Selling your photography online has other options beyond the giant marketplaces like Etsy & eBay.  In fact, the options are seemingly endless.  Many formats, many styles, many targets.  It’s difficult to be able to do all of them.  With my constant research and attempts to connect with every conceivable avenue, I’ve found that […]

Peddling my wares – Selling Photography Part 5.5

Colorful items for sale in Mexican gift shop

  In this series, Selling Photography, I began with a basic question that over the weeks has morphed into an examination of my experiences, successes and challenges.  It’s my hope that by writing this, I’ll be able to come to some insightful moment where the bell rings and I’ve come to a conclusion about my […]

Images from the 9/11 Memorials

  Today is September 11th, 2012.  The sky is as bright blue as it was this same morning 11 years ago.  I suppose that morning started much the same as mine is now.  I’ll have coffee, make breakfast for my daughter, get her ready to go to school, and then take my morning walk before […]

Peddling my wares – Selling Photography Part 5.25

Wishing well

  Over the past few weeks, I’ve been writing about Selling Photography and my experiences, successes, and the challenges in doing so. It started out with the basic question:  Should I continue selling my photography products at art and craft shows? To recap, part 1 was a discussion (a one sided discussion, yes) about what […]

Peddling my wares – Selling Photography at Art & Craft shows; Part 4

Signs at carnival

  Part 4:  Other ideas for selling your work – wholesale and consignment arrangements at retail stores.   As part of this series on Selling Photography and my experiences in doing so, I’ve written about my current dilemma:  whether or not to continue selling my photography products at art and craft shows.  In part 1 […]

Peddling my wares – Selling Photography at Art & Craft Shows part 3

Jams for sale at Reading Market

    Show selection – why some shows are good for photographers and some of my experiences.     If I am to continue selling photography at art & craft shows, which shows would be best?  I’m asking myself this question, of course, but feel free to chime in with advice on this.  The first […]

Peddling my wares – Selling Photography at Art & Craft Shows Part 2


  In part 1 of this series, I wrote about my experiences creating products to sell at art & craft shows.  I’ll let you in on a secret of mine:  I’m not really sure about whether I will continue selling at these shows.  I have to admit it.  I’ve been thinking about this a lot […]

Peddling my wares – Selling Photography at Art & Craft shows (part 1)

Red peppers photograph in card frame from Photographers Edge

  I’ve been selling some of my work locally at a weekly outdoor market.  I have created a line of greeting cards, note cards, and matted prints of various sizes.  I have ideas of expanding into other photo related products, having learned a little bit about decoupage and about jewelry making over the years.  In […]

Images of Summer (so far)

Bicycle on Fore St Portland Maine

  I can only speak for myself but I believe that in thinking about summer, we all have images that we put in place in our minds as the ultimate image of summer.  Of course it depends on your feelings about the season in general as to the tone of the image, but in all […]