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Darkroom & film, keyboard & megapixels, I’ve been behind a camera for over thirty years.  Always a visual thinker, it feels like I’ve always seen things as the slice of a moment, a stop still frame, a fully detailed description captured.  I hoard images, with over twenty five thousand digital files and boxes full of printed photographs.

My skill is largely self taught, formed by experience.  Along the road, I studied black and white photography at the University of Maine at Farmington, learned about digital process, storytelling and photojournalism and completed an independent study in travel photography at the University of Maine in Orono, Maine.  I’ve read and learned from so many great photography books it’s impossible to list them here.  My work and style constantly evolves and grows.

I live in Brewer,Maine, with my husband Joe, my daughter Nola, and two Maine coon cats.  Each of them graciously tolerates my photography and travel addictions.

Fortune's Rocks beach Biddeford Maine

Fortune’s Rocks beach Biddeford Maine

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