The birth of a blog

Fence at beachfront

Fence at beachfront


Here it is at birth; the inaugural post to this new blog on this new website.  It’s freeing in a way to begin anew.  The path this journal takes as it meanders through my photographic experiences could go anywhere.  We could find ourselves entwined in the high grasses on the dunes or mired in the muck of the bog.  It could revel in the fine details or paint a broad swatch of color with a wide brush.

I have hopes for this blog.  I hope that you stay long enough to read this paragraph to the end.  I hope that you come back once in a while and find out what happens next.


I hope the lessons I learn, both in business and in art, are lessons that I can share with you, so that we both are educated.


I hope to entertain you with my photographs; to share with you the humorous juxtaposition of items that tell a story.  I want you to see the comic in the collection, whatever it is.


I aim to create an environment of art and beauty; of exploration and appreciation.


That, my friends, is the goal of this blog and all of its forthcoming posts; to explore and educate, entertain and create.


So come along on the journey and see what happens.




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